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2004/03/05 14:09:00 - Run and HIDE
Two of the things that you get in Well Log Data are Run Numbers and Header IDEntifiers, so for a few minutes this afternoon I had a function:

boolean fnname(char * run, char * hide)

(It's since gained more arguments)
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2004/03/05 16:08:00 - OpenIrritation

Part of testing for this bit of work I'm doing on at the moment involves opening a 50-odd column tab-delimited text file into a spreadsheet (where it's easier to read).

I have Openoffice, this should be easy. Is it f***?

File -> Open
Select the file I want
Choose ("Text CSV") from the 'File type' box, which now hides the file I wanted, but still leaves its name in the filename box.
Click Open

If you miss the "Text CSV" bit then it opens it in the Word Processor instead, the stupid application. And there's no "open in spreadsheet" functionality - it has to think that the file is a spreadsheet to be able to do that.

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