March 1st, 2004


Working Backwards... (I/?)

Well, it's been a long time since I've been a diarist, so lets run through things, and hope that we don't get lost in hyperspace beyond the iota wall...

Today. Hmm, strange I think, atreic and emperor are both in the computer room in dressing gowns. I wonder why that is. Work proceeds sort of as normal; bit more database doom (I STILL HATE PLD), and I book some holiday (12th Mar afternoon, for Methsoc Retreat, and 16-19th July for the seventh UK meet of I'm currently thinking that there's coming to be something ironic about the Beatles song "Your Mother Should Know".

Yesterday. emperor's Presidential Service at Wesley. In a break with tradition this occurred in the morning service, and it's Presidentialness was mainly characterised by emperor giving one sermon (half a sermon?) as well as the Reverend Doctor Brian Beck. It went well, which was good. I was, however, a little late after my chain tried to fall off my bike -- I think I overadjusted my front shifter the other week.

Also, Echoes in the afternoon. The plot takes a sharp turn for the political, and we have a good 'point at the GM and laugh' moment or two. The evening sees Methsoc Coffee here....

Saturday. Lord of the Rings tourney in Welwyn Garden City. claroscuro did rather better than I did; coming fourth in the Draft, and a similar sort of place in the Constructed. Great Fun though.

Friday. Work. Cooking for emperor and claroscuro. Organising selves for Saturday.

Thursday. Usually on Thursdays we eat in the Castle Inn. However, they were packed, so we tried the County Arms. They, we discovered, were short of food because they were changing hands (indeed have done by now). Still, we survived on what they had!

Wednesday. AFILAW Kira got Medevaced (again!), but insisted on rejoining the party once she awoke after discovering that they'd been walked in on by a bunch of Dynasts. The Dynasts were surprisingly easy to deal with (the sorceror knocked out, and the others pursuaded that it was in the best interests to keep quiet; although we'll see if that worked later). She then made the "mistake" of telling her cow-orkers, of the Gold (other) Faction, what they'd been doing. Oops. She's now expecting to face judgement from above...

Tuesday. Empire Curry! Not as strong as we used to, but it has been a while...

More backwards blogging to come, as and when...
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the event of fading and gradually vanishing from sight

emperor is playing an Evanescence CD. It's almost very good.

Too many of the intervals are too flat. It's the right idea, but the execution is flawed.

The lead singer seems to be prone to over-stressing her voice too, which gives it a very sharp and jagged edge.

I can't comment on the words, they're flowing across me without comprehension...

The harmony sections are really good though....
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