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2003/12/19 17:05:00 - Challenge Request
I'm going to be off on holiday for some time now tomorrow, so to pass some of the boring bits does anyone want to challenge me to write a drabble?

It'll have to (a) be in something I've read, (b) say whether you want a strict-100-words drabble or just a shortish thingy, (c) no guarrentees I'll come up with anything, particularly if it involves a 'ship I'm not convinced in! :).
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2003/12/19 23:31:00 - Week Ending 19/12/2003
As of tomorrow it's the Travelling Season.

Dunelm for teleute's wedding on the 20th.
Newark for Christmas from 21st to the 29th.
Cambridge for New Year from the 29th to the 2nd.
Spain from the 2nd to the 10th.

New friends since last week: book100, cantabrigiensis, enismirdal, sms_to_lj, toothycat
New readers since last week: erica_freak
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