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2003/09/10 23:30:00 - Random thought.
We were discussing the way Ministers lead Churches this evening, and geek that I am I expressed my thoughts like this:

Good Ministers are like good Sysadmins - while things are running well you shouldn't notice them; when something goes wrong you should be able to get their help with a minimum of fuss.
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2003/09/10 23:34:00 - RP: Edith's Prequel
Spent yesterday evening at Oblivion (that's a local geekhaus), with Edith and theinquisitor having the first session of the Prequel to Edith's Echoes of Oblivion1 Abyssal Exalted game.

'twas fun, and only overran by about an hour and a half when theinquisitor's character, Iselsi Silas, decided to make a mountain out of a perfectly good molehill of something that mine was going to do after the big battle; namely bury properly the NPC who had (probably) tried to kill "his ambassador" during the battle; although this did have the beneficial side-effect that we discovered that, in some sense, we were both on the "same side".

My/our initial impression of Silas is that he's an arrogant prat, but possibly a justifiably arrogant prat.

1) Edith says that the game was named before the house.
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2003/09/10 23:54:00 - [arrowroot] Line-up
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And the hash of my 1st turn move: 99f9538801731439aed97dd4fdb47403 ba1.2.txt

The rules are here, moves by email to by midnight after next Wednesday.
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