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2003/09/07 20:37:00 - Breaking Away
Well, we appear to have:

aldabra, angoel, sciolist and myself (senji) for a game of Breaking Away.

I've created a friends group for this, so if anyone's interested in watching then leave me a comment, and I'll add you to the group.

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2003/09/07 20:53:00 - [arrowroot] New Game: Arrowroot
OK, I've named this game 'Arrowroot' (You have to start somewhere I guess).

My rider names / cards are in a file with this hash:
: pts/0 bash[6901] ; md5sum ba1.1.txt 
dccb8dd16b1a24c40da96162e6390f8b  ba1.1.txt

If you'd like to mail me yours at then I'll post the line-up once I've got all four teams.

You probably want to note section 6.11 of the rules, since it only applies on the first move.

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