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2003/08/14 02:47:00
Well, I've made a start on my S2 style Grail. It's already an improvement on what I had before :).
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2003/08/14 11:28:00 - My Little Pony Tarot Cards?
With one of those free association things that seem to happen a lot on IRC, lark_ascending and I ended up talking about My Little Pony Tarot cards.

lark_ascending thinks it is probably impossible to get proper balance on a set (and she's probably right), but the comment that sticks in my mind is:

Hanged Man is a card about having perspective on the world. It'd probably be a pony hanging by its knees from a tree, like a kid.

(Aww, cute...)
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2003/08/14 12:11:00 - A little lunchtime poll
Poll #168334 Test Paper I

Which came first (be careful)


Has it never occurred to you that the Romans counted backwards ? (Be honest.)


How angry would you be if it was suggested

(Questions copyright W.C.Seller and R.J.Yeatman)

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