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2003/08/09 01:36:00 - Week Ending...
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New friends since last week: acroblog, acronym, dilbert_feed, doonesbury, dorktowerfeed, dailygarfield, grimgrim, megatokyocomic, phoenixandy
New readers since last week: grimgrim, lalajia, phoenixandy

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2003/08/09 13:26:00
Cheese, Free Software and the Metropolitan line appear to be clear winners; Chocolate and are close winners over Garlic and . I've made the glyphs links to their Unihan-Search pages, which include a bit of 'definition' text...

And for something completely different, rho has written this short short which had me laughing, at least.

[Edit: I meant Cheese, not Chalk! Thanks Tay.]
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