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2003/08/08 00:24:00
Thanks to the magic of Paid Accounts, Andrew's Blog is now Syndicated (acroblog).

He asks that comments go in his actual blog (follow the link in the items) rather than in the lj account.
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2003/08/08 00:28:00 - Pub!
In a change from my regularly scheduled pubtrip, emperor, claroscuro and I went to the Carlton, and were met by hoiho, j4, sion_a, angua, ceb, diziet, simont and simonb.

Silly film references, jukebox music, and addictive Spotting of the Difference abounded, and it was fun.

[Edit: corrected grammar]
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2003/08/08 08:46:00 - On behalf of Aldabra
Poll #166041 Two questions

Does Raspberry Chipolte Sauce sound appetising?


"Love is Staying Around"


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