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2003/08/06 00:57:00 - Weeks Ending
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Week ending Friday 25th July:
New friends since last week: lj_maintenance, lj_test

Week ending Friday 1st August:
New friends since last week: gnusto, hesadevil, hmw26, lusercop, met24, pm215, quoththecrow, rmc28, rumor_esq, skloak
New readers since last week: acronym, hesadevil, met24, pm215, quoththecrow, skloak

Currently Reading: The Gap Into Madness: Chaos And Order by Stephen Donaldson, The Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb, Heirs of Empire by David Weber.

[Edit: added link to TrustFlow]
Current Mood: [mood icon] sleepy
Current Music: The Corrs - Give it All Up

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2003/08/06 14:50:00
Bah, power cuts bad.

Particularly bad when you work in an AIR CONDITIONED office with NO WINDOWS you can open.

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2003/08/06 20:05:00
Hmm, considering buying a couple of LoTR CCG starters, after having fun at the weekend. Could at least treat them as an UnCCG...
Current Mood: indecisive

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