July 20th, 2003


Dance until you drop...

...or nearly, anyway.

That's pretty much what we did at Matthew H and Vivien's wedding reception last night.

Our trip down to Oxfrod went well, we made good time, and there weren't too many fuckwits wanting the attention of the roof mounted rockets. I slept most of the way too.

Nicola at the Beaumont Guest house turned out to be friendly and helpful, even when we turned up at 11:30. So, with 2 hours to kill, we went into town and sandwiched at Harvey's before grabbing a drink at a pub within eyesightshot of Wesley Mem, where the wedding was.

The wedding itself was good, although we didn't entirely agree with the choice of hymns[1], and the recital of the Sonnet wasn't entirely all one might have hoped for. The Bride, however, was, naturally, radiant[2], and (rather predictably, really) the Groom was nervous[3].

We then walked off to the Four Spires where the photos and dinner were held. The Groom got progressively less worried & nervous looking during this (which was a good thing - not that he would actually have second thoughts!).

After dinner, most of the rest of the guests (who hadn't been invited to the dinner) rejoined us for a Ceilidh, and I danced what I think was my highest percentage of the dances for some significant time (although there was a break in the middle for a buffet). Hmm, lets see...

Collapse )

So, we're battered, bruised and stiff now, but it was great fun, and we wish Matthew & Vivien all the best for married life!

[1] But then, we probably never would have been.
[2] Which reminds me of a discussion I had with her on the subject many many years ago. I think the actuality belied her worries...
[3] Later he said to Michael F. "Now I know what you meant when you said to Jonathan (me) 'Now I know what you felt like.'.".
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