July 15th, 2003

sleepy rin

*sound of world contracting*

Stop me if I miss any...

This month, I have:

Discovered that rho: (a) exists :)
(b) knows amgb2, marnanel and chess (evidence here).

Bumped into a non-VOLESing OULE at Matthew's place at MethSoc coffee.

Had an sms from angelofthenorth complaining that the whole of Methodism seems to know me, after she met Rosie B at church (in London). While searching for current contact details for Rosie on the web I'm reminded that she knew Iain Georgeson (Dot's twin), and discover that she'd probably met gandalf from #assassins, which they had done, once. I also mention her to Owen in the evening in the context of having accidentaly found the umra faq while performing said search, and he recognises her name...

The World Gets Ever Smaller (And I Feel Fine...)
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