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2003/06/16 00:57:00 - End of Week
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New friends since last week: chess, secondage
New readers since last week: chess, slytherincesss (*waves*!)

LJ-related things to do next week: Finish answering gioiaverdi's questions. Ask emperor some.

Currently reading: Robin Hobb's Assassin's Quest and Vernor Vinge's A Fire Upon the Deep (slow reading week)
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2003/06/16 00:59:00 - Busy Weekend!
Friday: Methsoc Garden Party! Yay! Hot! Suncream! Random talking to people! Shinythings! Poing! We discovered that you could see the UL, King's College Chapel, St Giles' (we believe) and (occluded slightly by KCC) OLEM (the Catholic) from Churchill playing fields.
Then we went to see the Matrix at Queens'. Queens' Films were rather incompetent, but it was otherwise good. I hope I didn't annoy people by laughing before the funny bits!

Saturday: Didn't go to atreic's and theinquisitor's plays 'cos the timing was foul :(. Did go to the SCC punt race, in which our punt (Methsoc III) came 4th (of 7?). Methsocs I and II came first and second, which was good, and we would have come third if angelofthenorth hadn't unfortunetly lost the pole :(.
Then off to the Veizla, which was lots of fun, although both claroscuro and I had bike problems. People had fun with my challenge, which was good, and the New Reeve (naath) was inaugurated. The Veizla reception generated this cool photo of me!

Sunday: Got up early so we could go to the CTS/CUSFS Puntmoot/Summerthing. More punting fun, this time rafted four-a-breast. Took us almost three hours to get to Grantchester, during which time damerell and naath went in the river a lot, but we did get back in time to have a coffee before going to Kim's Presidential Service. Kim did well, and presented a cogent sermon (which only lost direction a little bit in the middle), which would have done many more experienced preachers proud.
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2003/06/16 01:11:00 - Theology wibble
For a long time now, if you'd asked me what the central thing my faith requires of me was, then I would have referred you to Luke 10:27. Some years ago gioiaverdi pointed out to me that loving my neighbour as myself requires me to love myself, as well as my neighbour. This was a key insight at the time for me.

This evening, Kim's sermon also used this passage (actually, I think she used the version from Mark's Gospel, but... *shrugs*). She discoursed on how loving your neighbour as youself is not just about loving them as much as yourself, but also about loving them in the manner in which one loves oneself, with all the detailed knowledge of self that one can bring to bear in that context. Her illustration for this was that it was not merely like ensuring that everyone got a boiled sweet, but picking out their favourite boiled sweet for everyone, much as one would do for oneself.

This adds yet another dimension to the instruction, and once again makes it harder to do, but more worthwhile to attempt. It remains to be seen, of course, if I will find it as memorable and pertinent an insight as gioiaverdi's was.

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