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2003/05/31 00:56:00
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2003/05/31 20:46:00
Like many people around here I have an alternate Cambridge. I haven't actually written any stories in it yet, and the ones featuring people from it haven't ever been finished (I keep telling myself that I must finish 'Rockall, Gale Force 10' for TTBA one of these days...). It doesn't have anything esoteric like an OberonCollege, but is merely a different view of what might have happened, had things inside and outside the University gone much differently.

Anyway, some of the discussion on the punt trip earlier lead to me writing this small fragment from a history text, or essay, that an alternative me from that Cambridge might have written.

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2003/05/31 21:15:00 - Life Stuff
Well, we went punting, and it was good. theinquisitor has posted a good description, so I see no reason to write my own.

Following that I met up with claroscuro for coffee, then ate in the Castle. Then I came home and slobbed a bit and talked to theinquisitor and imago and completely failed to get anything useful done (so far). :(

You may have noticed my new userpic (I've used it here as an example) - it's from this strip of Phoenix Feathers, SunKitten's webcomic. It'll probably end up getting used in geeky/sleepy contexts. (Fraggle is mainly used in bouncy/happy/silly contexts and Pictionary in serious/accomplished ones).

Oh, and SunKitten does seem to have done something with theinquisitor's fluffy Cthulhu. Take a look... :).
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