May 29th, 2003


Deep in the bowels of R'bury, dread Cthulhu lies a-posing

Hmm, been a while since I last journaled events.

Very little has happened though. Went to the UL on Saturday. claroscuro had bad sinuses all long-weekend, and I was generally quite lazy, so not much happened. Went to see Matrix II on Monday though (not as good as Matrix I IMHO, but worth the outing - but then I like implausible fight scenes).

Tuesday did Games Evening, and saw theinquistor's fluffy Cthulhu leaving with SunKitten. (for further explanation of the probable reasoning here see near the bottom of this page.

Wednesday was WSG Formal Hall at Fitzwilliam College - which was good (from a social point of view at least :-) ).

Tomorrow I'll be going to the Castle, and maybe the miscmeet.

Friday? Who kens?
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Anyone up for a 'people who read senji punt trip' on Saturday afternoon then?

People who can (a) punt (b) hire cheap punts particularly appreciated...

Depart somewhere towards Grantchester sometime between 1pm and 2pm...
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