May 18th, 2003


Went to the UL today and got my MA card. My bike's front gear shifter broke in the process though. I read some TTBAs while I was there, and most of Coates' Numerology.

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Then later we went to see X-Men II. Collapse )
'The league of extraordinary gentlemen' looks like a fun thing to see. With Real Live Sean Connery! (unfortunately, not cast as Belgarath </in-joke>)

Tomorrow sees the last session of the Exalted Campaign, and that means the end of Nellens Alicia, whether she die in battle, or survive, her tales never to be chronicled again. She certainly wouldn't be willing to go the route suggested for Nellens Artan and become Abyssal, so I suspect I will be saying goodbye to her tomorrow night. She's not become quite a part of me in the same way that Bryan or Wilheim or bouncysusan have/did, but like Megaera I will miss her somewhat.

Still, enough of this melancholy, we should eat, drink, and be merry - for tomorrow (today now) the Ravens die!
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