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2003/05/10 03:25:00
Fairly dull day at work, marred by the fact I had to phone Trinity Hall about Veizla stuff - they were engaged whenever I tried, of course. IMing imago helped lift both our moods though - the following rather made my day (of a piece of code):

senji: It's been through at least three other sets of hands, and it's as impenetrable as the Forest at Hogwarts.
imago: I now have visions of Hagrid wandering through the forest documenting trees and centaurs by attaching labels to them saying things like 'Biting Elm, approach with caution' and 'I designed these to clean up leaf-mould but they seem to have grown flamethrowers and be eating the giant spiders'.

Raven (RPG) this evening was good. Time for bed.
Current Mood: [mood icon] sleepy

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