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2003/03/30 16:18:00 -
Last ever Greenend party, signifying the increasingly excentric SGO losing its physical origin. Lots of people were there, many of whom I didn't know, and I met hoiho and EJ and someone called Kate for the first time, and some other people whom I didn't catch the names of. And there was lots of b33r, of which I drank none, and a lake of coke, of which I drank about 5 pints, and silly games, of which I participated, and a very strange half-empty house on account of steph and quartz having moved out and a kitchen full of people, and a lounge that often wasn't full of people and a laptop pretending to be a sound system (with 24 hours of mp3s) and an Ian who'd had an accident with a piste and...
Very strange thinking that it'll be the last Greenend Party. timeplease will be moving to London soon, steph has his own place, quartz has moved in with sphyg, fanf and cjwatson, and all the other old greenendians moved out long ago...
Current Mood: [mood icon] nostalgic

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