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2003/03/10 00:00:00 - Hmm, stuff.
Since my last entry I have:
  • Argued with my cow-orker about the necessity of pulling the floor up again
  • Escaped a shadowland during daylight in a 10 meter high 'War Walker', conversed with a companion who was in the land of the Dead, then done strange funky stuff to rescue her
  • Bought maps of the Cambridge and Ely area for emperor
  • Helped tidy the house a bit
  • Been on a team that came about 14th (of 20) in Wesley's annual quiz
  • Had a conversation about information leakage in credit card authentication machines with crazyscot after seeing the signature of someone I knew in Heffers
  • Been to antinomy's Party, and had drunken conversations about language
  • Seen ewx on some kind of talk TV show
  • Overslept
  • Been to Methsoc things
  • Eaten nice food cooked by my housemates
  • Talked about potential house locations
  • Considered writing a long short story
One of these events happened in a dream, and one in roleplaying...
Current Mood: [mood icon] happy
Current Music: Fans, whirring.

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userinfo senji
2003/03/10 11:37:00 - Gah
Today is this month's `get cut off by BT' day. This time it was apparantly our Accounts Department's fault, who hadn't paid all of the bill. BT, being what they are, of course, don't try and contact us to check...
I wish they'd tell me in advance which day was going to be 'get cut off' day... *sigh*.
Current Mood: [mood icon] cynical

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