February 22nd, 2003


Spent a week in Houston (on a work conference), and a few images are sticking in my mind.
  • The sea seen from the plane, a ripply, still, field of grey earth (memories of Only Forward)

  • A field south of Foxton, in the pre-dawn gloaming, grey and waterlike

  • Taxiing across a bridge into GBI airport

  • A fountain in a lake shrouded by fog, and barely visible

  • A surreal journey from London KX to Cambridge, where I was so out of it that it seemed natural that the carriage clock was frozen at 11:52

  • Flying above the cloud, half the horizon white, half blue, no other features bar the wings of the plane

  • A ponytailed tester arguing that software dev is fruitless without solid requirements

  • James Whittaker demonstrating bugs in MS products

I'm sure more will come to me later...
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