February 11th, 2003

Supplier doom!

As I think I mentioned before, we're trying to purchase some new stuff at work. Previously we just used to buy stuff when we'd decided that we wanted to buy stuff, but now we're part of a Big Company we have to go through this whole procedure and what-have-you. And part of this is that we have to give the company's favourite supplier the chance to undercut any offer that anyone else would make. This seems to make sense, OK, 'cos then we'll tend to get a nice low price on things.
Well, so, we order a laptop-with-docking thingy, and a desktop with flatscreens and a printer-fax-copier-thingy, and sorting out the specs for these takes a while. Not long after we've ordered them the company come back and say that they can't get hold of the laptop or precise models of flatscreens, but will supply better ones for the same cost, since we're moaning at them so badly about this.
Every thing arrives in dribs and drabs, so the stress is nicely spread out. Friday's stress is that the printer-fax-copier thing that they send isn't the network version. Monday's stress is that the (quite nice upgraded version of the) laptop doesn't mate with the docking station, and in fact isn't docking station capable at all! Today's stress is that (despite telling the guy that we needed colour) the replacement printer-copier-fax-thingy (and indeed the original, as it turns out) are only black&white (apart from colour scanning). Gah. We've spent the best part of a week on this now, and my coworker is on the verge of alternatly killing someone and breaking down into tears...
Plus I've got about a weeks worth of work to get done before Friday lunchtime...
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