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2003/01/23 10:55:00 - Gah, (lack of organisation)al doom
About a week ago, one of my cow-orkers from the other office asked if I'd be willing to come and try and help debug a problem with some client's installation of the software onsite in London. Since this wasn't horribly inconvenient I agreed.
Since then, most of the problem has been solved by email communication with the client, and the trip has been on and off a number of times yesterday. Today the other two (from the other office) are going, and they think that they won't need me, but I could get a call asking me to go to London at any time.
Organisation would be nice...
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2003/01/23 14:48:00 - I want to ride my bicycle...
On the plus side, I did buy a nice new bike this morning.
Although my legs were hurting by the time I got to work on it.
Girton to StJIC in 20 minutes isn't too bad I don't think.
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