January 20th, 2003

Browning out, across the world...

..."are you ready for a brand new boot?"
Last night I installed cleopatra to replace allison - just need to migrate the news server and web server across now (mail is working), and Matthew cooked a goulash in the slow cooker which worked out really well.
We had col over to play cards after eating, and played Doppelkopf again :-), and all was good.
So, I wakes up in the morning (likes I usually does), and wander into the computer room to find cleopatra rebooted and xantha stuck in her BIOS hardware detection step. One quick reboot of xantha later and I decide that there's been a brief power interruption. Ming seems to be OK, so maybe Matthew set it going again when he got up. I fettle cleopatra a bit and then we have a brownout just as I'm about to leave for work (at 8:30am, near enough). This time xantha and cleopatra come up fine, but ming refuses to reboot. Doom. Ming is out gateway/firewall machine (as well as being the house almost-everyhting-server). After 10 minutes frantic fettling of bits of cabling I discover that moving the plug from one end of the power-bar to the other fixes it. Maybe a fuse has gone in the bar?
By the time ming's finished rebooting, and I'm happy, I've missed the next bus, and so don't get into work until about 10am. sigh
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