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2003/01/16 00:29:00 - And so it begins...
Thanks to meirion for an access code thingy. I don't expect to write very much here in general, but we shall see, and hopefully I should be able to keep up with what's going on in my friends' lives easier...
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2003/01/16 17:00:00
Gah, what a pointless day at work. Other than wandering around Staples and going `Ooo, shiny' at their fax/photocopier/printer/scanners (which don't seem to be as shiny as they look, actually :-( ), I've got nothing useful done, thanks to interrruptions to look for files, fix computers (to which I said `tell me if it's not done anything in 30 mins), and arrange to go to London next Thursday.
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2003/01/16 23:58:00 - Computer doom of the day...

  • The netscape at work has the off-by-one bug for dates, such that my previous entry initially came up as being from tomorrow

  • Allison seriously ran out of memory, and the BIOS kicked in and terminated the OS (this being either a linux bug or a Sparc BIOS bug, but I've seen it happen in Solaris at work too. So I suspect that Ian will be shouting at me tomorrow as a result of a bounced-bounce, since she wasn't accepting mail for just over 4 hours.

  • emperor is having backup problems

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