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Tropidorhynchus Corniculatus

Today so far I have spent:

  • ½ hour showering

  • ½ hour puttering around at home going meh, early

  • ¾ hour cycling around Cambridge

  • 5¾ hours travelling via other means

  • 1 hour having lunch

  • 1 hour watching people have technological problems

  • 1 hour having a pretty meaningless administrative change described in such a way that it sounded entirely doom– and despondency–worthy (how do Manglers manage that when they're trying to reassure people and make them happy?)

  • 3½ hours being told about bits of the Western Europe Managed Services Practice

  • 1 hour having dinner

  • 55 minutes spodding

  • 5 minutes giving money to LiveJournal on </a></b></a>claroscuro and my behalf

Why do I feel that the last of these was the most useful use of my time?
Tags: life, rant, work

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