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Random Stuff

mctabby linked to the wonderful Sound Effect Generator.

kaet invented the Informal Reward Generator

mhw and gioiaverdi have both set me really difficult questions for the Interview Meme, and I'll try answering both tomorrow.

Finished the Brookmyre, which was good :). Trying to decide if I want to reread Banks-Culture or Vinge-QengHo next.

Played bridge this evening with atreic against emperor and claroscuro, which was fun.

Had an aweful lot of lj entries to read this afternoon (about 50), which took up a lot of time :).

Oh, and SunKitten has made a Rin desktop backdrop, which is cool. It's displaced Pirogoeth on my laptop for the moment, although I may end up using it on the desktop (in place of Lanfear) instead....

Oh, and I had a conversation with imago about what bouncysusan looks like, and decided that this picture of Jewel Staite comes close, but isn't quite right really.

Oh, and I invented (invented for me at least, I'm sure it's well known) a perl idiom on Friday that I quite liked:
perl -ne 'print ", " if $1; print "$1" if /< (.*)/'
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