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SAUCE time…

In the ongoing war against spam I've finally got around to something I've been meaning to do for some time — namely not accepting mail to from external sites.

My initial thought was to make an exim&lowast configuration change to do this, but a simple look through the documentation failed to produce an obvious way of doing this without blocking mail to root locally.

However, when I asked on IRC Diziet (WINOLJ) pointed out that this could be done with SAUCE. Since chiark provides my exterior MX services I already have SAUCE in the equation, but have until recently had all addresses classified as lax which means that SAUCE won't (generally) reject stuff.

So, a quick conversation with mailadmin later to arrange some delegation I could configure SAUCE to issue a 550 error for all mail to root saying "use appropriate role address".

Hopefully this will reduce my spam intake by about 33% for

Version 3.35. People wishing to rant about the antiquity of this should direct their effort at getting Debian Sarge released.
Tags: debian, diziet, geeky, spam
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