January 18th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/01/18 14:16:00 - The Lipson-Shiu Corporate Type Test
This Myers-Briggs-alike test came up on #chiark yesterday, and later at Geek Pizza; so I thought I'd share it with the world...

My result was:

SCIE (Natural Distaster)
The exact form of the problems that arise from the SCIE are hard to predict, since even the SCIE doesn't know. The SCIE is able to generate random acts of cruelty without effort or intention. Just stay out of their way and try to find shelter (Example: Cthulhu)
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userinfo gioiaverdi
2005/01/18 15:02:09 - I scored as
ILIE (Grand Vizier)

The I LIE has probably carved a ruthless trail to the top, but left no evidence of it. At least, if you find the bodies you're in very bad trouble. Highly adept at serving their own ends, I LIEs are not people to be on the wrong side of. Here is someone who has made the system work for them (examples: Sir Humphrey, Lex Luthor).

*YAY* Fear me, all you petty minions.

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userinfo senji
2005/01/18 15:09:29 - Re: I scored as
I cower before thee! (Briefly...)
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userinfo ilanin
2005/01/18 15:16:58
ILUG (Mensch)
The ILUG is that rarest of underlings: the one whom you can trust to understand what you're telling them and then rely on to get the job done. In any organisation, these are the people who actually do the work. (example: Florence Nightingale)

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userinfo requiem_17_23
2005/01/18 16:23:59
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userinfo naath
2005/01/18 17:55:52
me too... I don't believe it though.
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userinfo megamole
2005/01/18 15:24:48
Just like meirion, came out as ILIE.
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userinfo ex_lark_asc
2005/01/18 15:49:11
I get ICUE on that when I'm at work, and ILIE when I'm not :)
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userinfo ewx
2005/01/18 20:21:34 - ICIE (torturer)
"A sadistic type who, rather than building an evil empire (though that may be a fringe benefit), devotes their time and considerable talents to making the world as unpleasant as possible. Often found in charge of human resources or very very large software companies."
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userinfo ptc24
2005/01/18 20:29:55 - Re: ICIE (torturer)
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The Lipson-Shiu Corporate Type Test - Squaring the circle...

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