January 12th, 2005

userinfo senji
2005/01/12 16:29:00 - SubscribeMe!
Aquarion has invented and implemented what he calls the simplest thing that could possibly work when it comes to subscribing to a weblog or syndicated feed. He calls it SubscribeMe and it is rather nifty.

Since this should get everywhere (to make my life easier, of course) I have added SubscribeMe links to both my journal and link-list; and both links are also in my lj userprofile.
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Entry Tags: aquarionical, geeky, meta

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userinfo ewx
2005/01/18 20:04:35
Err, but what's it for?
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userinfo tienelle
2005/01/27 08:25:43
Puzzlement seconded. What does it do that I could possibly want? In what way is it good for my readers? Do I actually need to take any action for someone to use it on my journal?
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