December 9th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/12/09 09:42:00 - All mine, all mine
Picture, if you will, at the crest of a hill a sparse stand of trees. Behind the trees the faint suggestions of low, flat roofed school buildings struggle against the fog for a sense of identity. Above, the fulgent disk that is all the fury that Helios can muster against Notus' might.

Unfortunately I can't show you this picture, as I was rushing to work as quickly as possible and couldn't spare five minutes for photography. Well, I say "rushing". It's hard to rush properly when, whilst your visibility might be measured in chains, it only would be by an archaist with an irrational fear of numbers larger than two.
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userinfo pm215
2004/12/09 02:58:23
I'm afraid the thing that brought to mind for me was the opening section of Zork, with the white house on the hill (which says much more about my mental associations than your description...)

Watch out for the troll, and try looking under the carpet :-)
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userinfo hairyears
2004/12/09 07:31:14
A hill? What is hill? You're in Cambridgeshire, which is flatter than Twiggy lying down.
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userinfo senji
2004/12/09 07:59:03
See the definition supplied with the term in the original post...
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userinfo ceb
2004/12/09 10:08:46
The sun was intentional. Wasn't it pretty? ;-)

(It occurred to me to wonder this morning how many other people in the world currently think they're responsible for the sun.)
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