December 1st, 2004

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2004/12/01 16:18:00 - Fic recommendedation...
I've quite enjoyed A Sue's Story, which is a WiP tale of Mary Sues in the Potterverse. (You might call it meta-fic :)).
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userinfo cartesiandaemon
2004/12/01 08:37:08
Ooh, that's quite funny. I remember a similar one where Mary-Sues were equated with, roughly, the opposite of Boggarts; the bit I remember most is Lupin saying that there'd been a noticeble surge of them in the last few years, and that it'd been worse than any time since Harry's father had been at school...
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userinfo geekette8
2004/12/01 09:30:22
OK. Dare I ask what a Mary Sue is?
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userinfo enismirdal
2004/12/01 09:47:44
When a (fanfiction or other) author effectively writes an idealised version of themselves into the story. A practice usually thought of as a bit pathetic by readers in general unless done VERY well.

A sterotypical Mary-Sue character will have a stupidly fancy name, perfect hair/teeth/skin, often eyes that change colour depending on her mood, be incredibly intelligent and loveable and eventually get off with the attractive lead male. ...Imagine an exchange student joining Hogwarts in Harry Potter, being sorted into Gryffindor and before the end of the story, managing to kiss both Draco and Harry.

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userinfo geekette8
2004/12/02 03:32:55
Ahhh, thanks, that makes sense now!
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