November 30th, 2004

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2004/11/30 23:22:00 - Bartók or Mussorgsky?
What a surprise. oggenc encodes Mussorgsky significantly faster (in input bits per second) than it does Bartók
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userinfo requiem_17_23
2004/12/01 05:56:39
Not really that surprising. Mussorgsky is somewhat more periodic. ^_^
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userinfo king_of_wrong
2004/12/01 08:22:42
It's a surprise to me.I'd have assumed that the encoding was a FFT derivative, quantisation and then some sort of variable-length coding - all of which are substantially constant-time operations for each input bit.

I guess it must have trouble managing the total output bitrate and needs several passes but I'd have thought that could be managed in two complete passes - keep a priority queue, possibly one for each block of data, with the priority determined by the effect that allocating an extra bit would have on the RMS(?) error...
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