May 31st, 2003

userinfo senji
2003/05/31 21:15:00 - Life Stuff
Well, we went punting, and it was good. theinquisitor has posted a good description, so I see no reason to write my own.

Following that I met up with claroscuro for coffee, then ate in the Castle. Then I came home and slobbed a bit and talked to theinquisitor and imago and completely failed to get anything useful done (so far). :(

You may have noticed my new userpic (I've used it here as an example) - it's from this strip of Phoenix Feathers, SunKitten's webcomic. It'll probably end up getting used in geeky/sleepy contexts. (Fraggle is mainly used in bouncy/happy/silly contexts and Pictionary in serious/accomplished ones).

Oh, and SunKitten does seem to have done something with theinquisitor's fluffy Cthulhu. Take a look... :).
Current Mood: [mood icon] lazy
Current Music: Queen: I'm Going Slightly Mad

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userinfo mina_laury
2003/05/31 16:14:29
We were supposed to be getting something useful done? No one told me...
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userinfo senji
2003/05/31 16:23:00
I've got a list as long as my arm...

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