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Stuff what I have done today.

I'm feeling quite chuffed about thinking at right angles to problems today; having achieved a few tasks in deceptively simple ways.

For example; to find every occurance of a bitstring in a binary file (I was looking for ÿÿÿÿ):
sed 's/ÿÿÿÿ/-ÿÿÿ/g' <file.orig >file.evil
cmp -bl file.{evil,orig} | sed 's/ 55.*//'

And a simple function for doing things multiple times:
times ()
for __times_loopv in $(seq 1 $__times_repeats);
unset __times_loopv;
unset __times_repeats

(I expect that there are probably obvious bugs in that!)
Tags: geeky, shell hacks, work

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