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Audioscrobbler woes.

Hmm, Audioscrobbler seems now to be segmentation faulting when it tries to submit information. This seems to have occured since I tried to run xmms using the directory in which I'd placed all my .ogg files with names that are their md5sums...

Edit: Running xmms under strace(1) produces really wobbly output; presumably by slowing it down too much. I hate to think what valgrind(1) will do.... And I am, it appears, going to have to move to valgrind(1). Fun...

Edit #2: No, if(!fmt_strncasecmp(strrchr(fname, '.') + 1, "cda", 3)) isn't a reasonable bit of code when you haven't even checked to see if there is a . in the filename! (FPAV)
Tags: geeky, music, programming, rant

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