November 20th, 2004

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2004/11/20 23:56:00 - Also
I also had my hair cut; bought £50 of coffee beans, six bike light bulbs, and a pack of "Alice (in Wonderland)" playing cards; returned a library book; and failed to have a coffee (all the coffee shops were busy).

Also, logophiles might be interested to know that the "Books for Amnesty" shop on Mill Road has a complete OED from 1933. It appear to be in moderate (heavily used, but not obviously damaged on a cursory glance) condition and they're asking £400 for it.
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userinfo pm215
2004/11/20 20:59:57
bought £50 of coffee beans

Eep. Is that hideously expensive coffee, or do you get through it fast enough to justify bulk buying, or are you planning to send a small packet to everybody on your friends list? :-)

Re the OED, my father has a copy of the two-volume teeny-print four-pages-to-a-page edition which he got in the seventies some time for something like 25 quid; which I think is a huge bargain (and as an added bonus it doesn't take up an entire shelf).

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userinfo senji
2004/11/21 03:09:48
That's just under 5kg of beans, which will last us a few months.

It freezes :)
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