November 19th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/11/19 13:31:00 - Cani Automatae
Should I worry that my instinctive reaction to even vaguely unhelpful automated call desks is to try tapping ** or ## to get through to a live human being?
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userinfo hairyears
2004/11/19 06:35:10
No, but not for the reason you're thinking.

The response is correct if, as is frequently the case, the menu options do not allow you to obtain the service you want.

Your worry should be that you are dealing with a company that regards its customers with contempt. Are you actively looking to replace them?
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userinfo slakko
2004/11/19 08:27:10
It seems like a good reaction, but I would worry about doing it too quickly. If you crash out of the system to a 'real live human' via the emergency exits, you'll just get a random support staff person who may not be that helpful. If you at least get as close as you can with the IVR then you stand a better chance of reaching a specialist team who know how to do what you want.

Of course, that assumes that the company can deliver non-zero customer service anyway - not always a good assumption.
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userinfo teleute
2004/11/19 10:39:10
No, I'd be proud of yourself that you remember to try. I always wander around the automated menu for hours, hang up in disgust and only then do I remember that I could have tried to get a human operator.

Of course, most of the human operators in my experience put you through to a number that has been disconnected, which then disconnects you and you have to start all over again.
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