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Happy typesetting

Yay. I've just finished updating Vasily's character-sheet for Enemy (Warning: some PDF viewers appear not to like that pdf!).

In the process I've stuck some margin notes in, both text and Realm-script, and added additional automation to my Makefile.

[LaTeX Source] [First script picture] [Second script picture] [Last script picture] [Makefile] [stabilise script]

The script images were produced using the Exalted Script Translator. The Makefile contains lots of strange goodness; but I need to frobble it so that it detects image dependencies for .tex files automatically (Implicit rules rule!). The stabilise script repeats an action until a specified output checksums the same twice in a row.

Please feel free to comment on bugs in any of the above!
Tags: exalted, geeky, latex, life 2004, rpg, shell hacks

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