November 14th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/11/14 17:07:00 - Relation meme.

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userinfo ilanin
2004/11/14 10:56:28
I want to ask what precisely what your housemates are up to but that means I have to answer the questions now, too....

1. That would be on 02/06/2004, when I first acquired my lj.
2. Erm, cos I already knew you from CURS and stuff and you lived in the same house as atreic
3. The polls! The polls! *goes round madly ticking boxes*
4. I dunno. 'S your Journal. Possibly I'd like to find out what ah2004 was going to be all about....
5. Well, using "Cambridge life" to mean the opposite of "Real Life" clearly not, because we'd never have met.
6. As often as you write in it, or possibly more so if I'm really bored.
7. Several hundred kb of ICQ chat logs with the other on our computers.
8. Probably not; it's intended for non-RL friends, whom I don't have any of.

so, what in burnination are your housemates doing?
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userinfo senji
2004/11/14 10:58:12
Burningating bits of fencination.

It was rather loud and burny.
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