November 13th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/11/13 23:55:00 - Stuff Meme!

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userinfo claroscuro
2004/11/14 03:33:41
One wonders if one can think of anything at all that you don't know (other than that I'm awake, which, since you are asleep, you clearly don't know at the moment!)

We could try I like nisperos and chirimoyas, but that might be seen as cheating, since they aren't English fruits.

How about... nah, I can't think of... hang on... I have always wanted to learn to fly, but I didn't do RAFcadets because their uniforms sucked, and their drill was sloppy.

Don't know.
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userinfo hairyears
2004/11/14 06:27:52
Go down to your local gliding club, and ask about a the cost of a lesson in a two-seater glider. You may find that it is (and I quote) the most fun that you can have with your trousers on.

If I was back in the Midlands, I'd be back at Husbands Bosworth airfield. Trial lessons are about seventy quid and there's an evening programme in the summer. Getting your pilot's certificate will cost hundreds (but not thousands) of pounds, and is cheaper if you do the 1-week intensive course, bunking down at their clubhouse. Wish I had the time!
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userinfo sion_a
2004/11/14 08:40:33
That would be Cambridge Gliding Club, who I've just seen advertising trial lessons for £60 in one of the local freesheets. (Honestly, what's the point of delivering a newspaper with the weekend's television on Sunday afternoon?)
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userinfo senji
2004/11/14 08:58:28
What are nisperos and chirimoyas then?
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