November 13th, 2004

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2004/11/13 23:10:00 - Magicmirroring
Since I've acquired so much extra disk space I've been trying to rig up a partial Debian mirror (sparc and arm) on cleopatra.

For this purpose I've basically duplicated ming's installation (and mirror!). store (I haven't run fetch yet!) is really loading the machine though; using up about 70% of the available memory for about 30% of the memory it would like to fill.

cleopatra therefore needs more memory. She appears to have two 16MB SIMMs and two 4MB ones. Anyone vaguely local got better SIMMs than that I can exchange for small sums of money?
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Current Music: Bananarama -- I want you back.
Entry Tags: cleopatra, debian, geeky, sysadmin

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