January 19th, 2003

userinfo senji
2003/01/19 02:44:00 - Compline, Capitalism and Cards
We went to Compline at Peterhouse today, which was a nice rememory of past-times (even if it was at a horribly early hour). Then we came back to Foundation and played Monopoly until emperor won, and Mark and Carys went home.

At which point Anke taught us Doppelkopf. Which is confusing and fun.

Amongst other things, the trump suit is:
TH, TH, QS, QS, QC, QC, QH, QH, QD, QD, JS, JS, JC, JC, JH, JH, JD, JD, AD, AD, TD, TD, KD, KD, 9D, 9D.

emperor won that too...
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userinfo kaet
2003/01/18 19:06:34
What is it with German card games and mad ordering of ranks? Skat's as bad! Having only one head and not two, I have a hard time remembering what outranks what!

Btw, if Anke can play skat, then vyvyan might be interested, she has a hard time finding players in Cambridge.

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userinfo emperor
2003/01/19 00:54:04
ph34r my m/-\d l33t c4rd 5k1llz! *ahem* or something :)
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