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Next Week

Next week I'm in London on a Course for Work. This will mean 6am starts etc, but oh, well.

Tuesday I'm meeting </a></b></a>angelofthenorth afterwards.

Wednesday I've got to be back in Cambridge for </a></b></a>requiem_17_23's Enemy game. I haven't decided where to get food yet though. </a></b></a>timeplease: would I be able to get Food at the Oakdale on Wednesday 10th?

Thursday I'm currently planning on going to the Castle afterwards and then collapsing asleep; but if anyone wants to grab me for a couple of hours and can suggest somewhere in London to get food then I can go with that plan (but will still want to do the collapsing asleep bit).
Tags: angelofthenorth, organisation, requiem_17_23, timeplease, work

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