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naath at least showed some interest, so...

I'm going to use bouncysusan as my worked example, and will do one for both 'Susan Bones' (her name) and 'Susan Malfoy' (the name she would have if the rumours were true...).

Firstly, you have the key - for each number two or three letters are assigned, thusly:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
J K L M N O P Q R 
S T U V W X Y Z  

So, we look to see which numbers are in the name, then ring them on a grid:
S U S A N   B O N E S
1 3 1 1 5   2 6 5 5 1

Then we find the line with the most rings on it, and designate this the 'stress' line. There may well be more than one of these. In this case it is 1-5-9 line. From this grid (by consultation with Coates) I get the following:

The number 9 is associated with power (and money), so the 1-5-9 stress line with a naked (unringed) 9 suggests that Susan will be a successful person, who is uninterested in issues of money and power. There is strength here in both ideas (1) and expressive ability (5) which suggests that she will be able to communicate her thoughts without too much difficulty. 5 is also sometimes associated with the military, in which case the strength here and with 1 may suggest that she might do well in a command context.

Her strong air column (1-2-3) suggests that she is an individualistic type who doesn't need to rely much on others for support, whereas the lack of any rings at all in the water column (7-8-9) adds weight to the prior suggestion that she is uninterested in personal power. The naked 4 suggests a lack of significant ability in pure mathematics.

However, if/when she gets married and becomes a Malfoy then the following happens:
S U S A N   M A L F O Y
1 3 1 1 5   4 1 3 6 6 7

Here we have a grid with two stress lines. The 1-4-7 line, indicates that she will be a reformer, or a pioneer, and the strength in the 1 suggests that her reform will be based in her ideology. Looking at the 1-2-3 line we see that she will be dedicated to her career or other goal. Combining this with the 1-4-7 line leads to the conclusion that she will be a dedicated reformer, with a strong ideology, who will be guided through any problems by the conviction of her ideals.

The strong earth column (4-5-6) is indicative of a skill at the organisation of material things, whereas the almost-naked heart line shows a lack of organisational ability with people. This suggests that she will be best served finding ways of furthering her ideological goals that don't require personal interaction skills.

Finally we once again note the naked 9, which serves to emphasise our conclusion that she would be working from an ideology, rather than a search for power.


meirion: feel free to argue with my analyses :-).
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