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Have you...

01. Fallen for your best friend? That depends on how you define 'best friend' really.
02. Made out with JUST a friend? No.
03. Been rejected? Yes.
04. Been in love? Yes.
05. Been in lust? Yes.
06. Used someone? No.
07. Been used? No.
08. Cheated on someone? No.
09. Been cheated on? No.
10. Done something you regret? Yes. Quite definitely.

Who was the last person
11. You hugged? clarascuro
12. You kissed? clarascuro
13. You talked to? clarascuro
14. that instant messaged you? imago, if IRC doesn't count.
15. You had lunch with? StJIC 'Thursday Lunch' people (today).
16. Who broke your heart? Myself, to be brutally honest about it - couldn't really blame anyone else.

Do you

17. Color your hair? No.
18. Have tattoos? No.
19. Have Piercings? No.
20. Floss daily? No.
21. Own a web cam? We have the technology!
22. Ever get off the damn computer? I get jitters if it's more than 3 days.
23. Habla espanol? Nine.

24. clothes? Sand trousers, MAYC 'Fairground' London Weekend 1998 T-shirt, shoes, other stuff.
25. mood? nostalgic
26. Music? Loud, bouncy, or Dion by preference.
27. Taste? Slightly salty, apparantly.
28. hair? Curly brown, getting towards shoulder length. Needs trimming.
29. annoyance? 4th Dimension's databases.
30. smell? Sinus blockage.
31. favourite celebrity? Claudia Christian (Susan Ivanova from B5)

32. Food? Probably a nicely done chicken breast of some variety.
33. drink? 'Homemade' apple juice
34. colour? blue, darkish.
35. shoes? whatever.
36. fillum? Matrix
37. vegetable? Sweetcorn
38. fruit? Bananananananas.

Are you (the point and laugh section!)
39. Understanding? Sort of.
40. Arrogant? Try not to be.
41. Insecure? Not this week.
42. Interesting? If you're a geek, maybe :)
43. Friendly? When I'm not feeling too introverted.
44. Smart? They say so.
45. Moody? Not often
46. Childish? Oh, yes. Never grew up.
47. Independent? *grins*
48. Emotionally Stable? Stability isn't what it's cracked up to be.
49. Shy? Definitely.
50. Attractive? At least two people have thought so in the past.
51. Bored Easily? Weakness of Intellect!
52. Responsible? Try to avoid it.
53. Sad? Depressively - not recently. Geekily - often.
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