October 18th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/10/18 14:47:00 - Tres Partes Divisa
In a shocking move today the British Broadcasting Corporation unilaterally declared the independence of the Saxon Kingdoms of the South from their former possessions in the North.

The rump state will retain the name "England" and the former North of England will be divided into three parts.

Details of governance within these regions are not currently clear, and we are awaiting a press conference with the Director General of the BBC later today which is hoped to clarify some of these issues.

A spokesperson for the BBC was heard to say "Omniora Aquilora in tres partes divisa est".

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userinfo edith_the_hutt
2004/10/18 07:46:37
Agggghhhh! I'm on the wrong side of the boarder!

Will I need my passport to visit the parents now?
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userinfo enismirdal
2004/10/18 11:01:36
In that case, I think I would be a suitable candidate as Queen of the North West Kingdom. All volunteers to be my minions, citizens and members of my new national army, please e-mail enismirdal at livejournal dot com. You can all come and visit my palace if you like :)
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2004/10/20 13:15:41
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