October 16th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/10/16 20:27:00 - Taxi-onomy.
I had a rather strange conversation with a taxi driver on the way home just now. He'd driven right past the forward cycle box on Silver Street (at the junction with Queens' Road), so I carefully edged my way over to his front passenger window and engaged him in conversation.

Me: There's a stop line there, and a cycle box.
Driver: That doesn't matter.
Me: Yes it does, you should read the Highway Code.
Driver: I have done.
Me: Well you should read it again.
Driver looks at me obstinately, and then drives off (the light having gone green some time back).

Unfortunately neither of my companions got the license plate or taxi plate number.
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userinfo trina_rule
2004/10/16 16:09:56
Please, what's a cycle box?
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userinfo fluffymormegil
2004/10/16 16:31:49
It's a thing that lets cyclists be at the front at a junction. I'm not 100% clear that it's a good idea. (and I'm not 100% sober...)
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userinfo ewx
2004/10/16 17:58:31
The logic seems to be getting cycles ahead of cars, and there are other bits of the HC which seem to encourage this sort of thing. I don't think it's a good thing; when on a bike I'd rather have cars etc. in front of me where I can see them (and where they'll increase the distance between us while they are travelling at speed) rather than behind me where they might be tempted to perform an unsafe overtaking manoeuvre and rarely do other than decrease or maintain the relative distance; and this is true even with perfect driver behaviour.
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userinfo atreic
2004/10/17 09:32:43
The logic as I see it is that when cambridge is in rush hour, long queues of cars will build up on the way to traffic lights. Cycles will drive past the long queues of cars as they are narrow and can fit through the gaps. This is probably a good thing, as cycles are slower than cars and their use should be encoraged. Now you have a large number of cycles in front of all the cars. Obviously them sitting around in the middle of the junction is really bad. So you store them in a cycle box.
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userinfo ewx
2004/10/17 11:37:49

Absent a cycle box, the cycles would only get in front of the cars if they crossed the stop line. Which is what Jon was complaining about a car doing.

I'm quite happy to get in front of other cycles at lights; I'm faster than almost all of them anyway.

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userinfo mair_aw
2004/10/18 11:41:07
well, you *would* store them in a cycle box. Except when you reach the cycle box you invariably find that the buses/taxis/cars/roadsweepers/whatever have already filled the cycle box.
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userinfo antinomy
2004/10/16 17:42:11
In practice, unless there was an accident or at least a near-accident, and other witnesses, the police wouldn't have cared about either his licence or his taxi plate number.
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userinfo womble2
2004/10/17 02:21:00
I came down (i.e. southward on) Hobson Street last week and saw one of those wide mnibus-like taxis approaching. Due to the presence of parked cars there was a section of the street that was too narrow for us to pass (while moving, anyway). I got there first and I moved into the centre of the road to dissuade the taxi driver from trying to pass me unsafely. Instead of stopping just outside this section, he stopped just inside, forcing me to stop too. I told him to back up, but then I realised there were vehicles stopped rigt behind him so he couldn't. He pointed out to me that I could actually get round him, and that anyway I shouldn't be going this way. First problem: a 2 foot wide gap is not enough to go through next to moving traffic, and the road was slightly narrower just before this point so even that gap wouldn't have existed. Second, Hobson Street does have a cycle contraflow all the way along, only it isn't marked all the way long. Again, should have got the number.
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