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Mars Defends!

The answer to my quiz yesterday is 62.5g (and I here provide photographic proof for the disbelieving).

</a></b></a>mpinna, </a></b></a>ghoti, </a></b></a>mouse262, </a></b></a>andrewwyldgonzo, </a></b></a>vyvyan, and wishful_thinks all got it right, and win the amazing prize of getting mentioned in my livejournal.

Does anyone know why that size? ('cos I sure don't).

Oh, and a note for Americans, Continentals and other Aliens; 42.5g is 1½oz, 56.7g is 2oz and 70.9g is 2½oz. The Google Calculator can do these conversions for you, like this.
Tags: andrewwyldgonzo, chocolate, ghoti, mouse262, mpinna, photos, poll, vyvyan, wishful_thinks
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