October 11th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/10/11 10:36:00 - Factlet
"Location" on London Underground lines is measured in km, along LU track, from Ongar, with a system for 'transferring' distance onto lines which aren't the Central line.

Ongar station itself has had no service for 10 (year and a day)s.
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userinfo knell
2004/10/11 05:23:13
There's millions of bits of weirdness like this out there in railwayland. For added bonus points, which bits of the London Underground network *aren't* measured using this system, outside depots and other bits of administrivia?

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userinfo slakko
2004/10/11 12:46:19
So this means that we've got distances which could never have been possible (even ignoring the 'transferring' nonsense), given that new stations have been opened since Ongar shut (esp. on the JLE).

Surely everyone knows the centre of the underground is TCR?
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