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Went to the UL today and got my MA card. My bike's front gear shifter broke in the process though. I read some TTBAs while I was there, and most of Coates' Numerology.

I think I'm sort of reasonably happy with bouncysusan's chart. (Hmm, wonder if it makes any sense to do charts for lj usernames?). Good thing though that the rumours about her and Draco are just that - one of the other practice charts I did was for "Susan Malfoy" and that scared me. meirion assures me that the_malfoy's chart is even scarier, and having sketched it on the back of a bus ticket, and remembering what zie said then I'm more than inclined to agree.

Then later we went to see X-Men II. Fun film, better than the last one I thought. Yes, icy guy, Rogue can hurt you, and I don't mean the sort of hurt that her mutant powers do either. Magneto came across as scarier this time too, which was good, he should be scary. Not the sort of in-your-face I can do strange things with metal scary (although he is, cool isn't it), but the way he can say reasonable sorts of things and turn you against Friend and Family in the process scary. (mhw's Draco also has this property). Give you evens to odds that there's another film.

'The league of extraordinary gentlemen' looks like a fun thing to see. With Real Live Sean Connery! (unfortunately, not cast as Belgarath </in-joke>)

Tomorrow sees the last session of the Exalted Campaign, and that means the end of Nellens Alicia, whether she die in battle, or survive, her tales never to be chronicled again. She certainly wouldn't be willing to go the route suggested for Nellens Artan and become Abyssal, so I suspect I will be saying goodbye to her tomorrow night. She's not become quite a part of me in the same way that Bryan or Wilheim or bouncysusan have/did, but like Megaera I will miss her somewhat.

Still, enough of this melancholy, we should eat, drink, and be merry - for tomorrow (today now) the Ravens die!

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