October 10th, 2004

userinfo senji
2004/10/10 18:15:00 - Freshers' Flu?
One of the disadvantages with having a birthday at this time of the year is that it vastly increases the likelyhood of being ill near it since, regardless of whether you actually blame the freshers, there often are a number of lurgs going around.

Fortunately this year I got it a couple of days early. Either off </a></b></a>emperor or steph (and I hope they've got the same thing, otherwise I'll be going through it again in a day or so!) and have pretty much recovered now; I think.

The other disadvantage; of course; is that the University is full of squashes and things, and this year I've managed to miss Round, CURS and CUSFS squashes. Oh well....
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userinfo atreic
2004/10/10 10:45:44
Actually, the Round squash is *this* Thursday, not last, at 7.30 at Wesley. So do come anyway!
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